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01/01/2018 01:38pm

FISME invites cases from MSMEs regarding complication/irregularities in accessing public procurement

image FISME invites cases from MSMEs regarding complication/irregularities in accessing public procurement

New Delhi, Jan 1 (KNN) In an attempt to address the hurdles and complications faced by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with regard to accessing the public procurement mechanism, Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) is inviting MSMEs to share their cases and experience.

While it is estimated that Government agencies and PSUs purchase goods and services worth Rs. 30 lakh crore every year, there is a speculation that exists as MSMEs are increasingly encountering formidable hurdles and barriers in accessing public procurement business. 

Even the existing suppliers find disadvantages in the way the terms and conditions are designed and tenders floated - items are clubbed and requisite financial capabilities are exaggerated.

Listing the lines along with the MSMEs could have faced irregularities; FISME informed that in case the MSMEs have faced any of the following or allied problems, the MSME may submit their case to the Federation.

1.       Making order quantity huge by clubbing of items for different projects and different types, rendering the tenders beyond capacities of MSMEs

2.       Setting redundant qualifying criteria like past performances which on occasions just match that of the favoured ones , requirements of costly testing equipment etc.

3.       Blatantly impractical conditions are stipulated for the overseas technology suppliers that nobody can reasonably accept

4.       Asking for large bid securities

Compiling the cases, FISME will be preparing a report to be tabled before the government officials urging corrective action to ensure fair procurement opportunities for MSMEs.

The MSMEs may submit their cases via email to debashish@fisme.org.in before 15th of January 2018.



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