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In India Data access, Market access and platform access needs to be reciprocal: PayTm Founder

On finalizing the framework for national e-commerce policy to tackle data privacy and tax issues, the PayTm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that government is conscious about the data protection matter.

Being a WTO-led agenda, he suggested that the data access, market access and platform access in India needs to be reciprocal.

Since open market access to India is a big advantage for the global companies but it is not necessary that it will always be an advantage for India and in this matter discussions are going on, he added.

He said that the policy will definitely come on e-commerce policy and on the basis of written suggestion the government will decide the policy framework.

Commenting over localization of servers, he said that there should be an obligation for localization of servers as India is not a small country, it has big infrastructural base therefore all data and servers should remain only in India.

He further added that the government is trying to build a framework of policy that will benefit the country and not just access to the market.

Commenting over this, he said that government is trying to build a policy framework where access to the market balances benefit to the country.

On sharing the concerns of the government, he said that government is more concerned about the local technology companies, small sellers and retailers to have protection in this new e-commerce policy. (KNN/YV)



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