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Environment Secretary urges MSMEs to become energy efficient

Updated: Nov 28, 2017 08:24:14am

Environment Secretary urges MSMEs to become energy efficient

New Delhi, Nov 28 (KNN) Environment Secretary C.K. Mishra on Monday said that the Delhi like smog situation will not occur again at an event hosted by WWF India, He also launched a report on “Clean Energy Innovation Ecosystem in the Small and Medium Enterprises sector in India”.

Speaking at the event, the secretary encouraged the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt clean and energy efficient technologies to reduce emissions.

He said that a single authority or an organization could not be blamed for the Delhi smog and harsh measures would be taken to make sure that the situation did not reoccur.

Many say the government has been unable to enforce what it says. But, let me put another perspective, if the government has failed to stop the emission, it is time, those who are emitting also took some responsibility, Mishra said.

He also said that millions of people in India still do not have access to electricity, so the government has been planning to create additional  175 GW of power  by 2022 by renewable means, preferably solar technology. (KNN/AG)


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