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Financing MSMEs in 2021: Challenges & Opportunities

Shachindra Nath
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By Shachindra Nath, Executive Chairman & Managing Director, U GRO Capital


MSMEs play a critical role in the equitable socio-economic development of India. The sector contributes about 30% of India’s GDP and about 48% to exports while playing a pivotal role in employment generation, especially in semi-urban and rural areas. The success of this sector is, therefore,…

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ESI- A Fraud on Employers’ & Employees

Shekhar Patvardhan
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By S.M. Patwardhan


Under Employees' State Insurance Scheme  (ESI) of Central Government, employers’ and employees presently contribute 4.0 per cent of wages (Employer-3.25 per cent+0.75 per cent-Employees) towards this scheme.

For over 6 -7 decades both employees and  employers had been consistently contributing towards ESI scheme, failing which ESI authorities relentlessly levy penalty and penal interest and recover dues…

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The ‘Power’ of the seas : Ocean Renewable Energy

DC Sekhar
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DC Sekhar, Alphamers

The rise of spring tide in Gulf of Khambat is over 10 Meters. Few other locations in the world have such large tidal ranges. This is nature’s way of providing us a large amount of ‘power’ every few hours and taking it back, since we have not learnt to harness it.

The ocean provides us ‘power’ to…

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The Largest Ocean Cleanup

DC Sekhar
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DC Sekhar, Alphamers

Ironically, did not happen in the ocean, but in rivers draining into the ocean. This costed under 100,000 USD in capital costs; No boats or operating costs were incurred to arrest the plastics.

* With technology developed by AlphaMERS in 2015, about 22000 Tons of trash including 2200 Tons of plastics were stopped from reaching the ocean from…

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Challenges in Procuring Quality Equipment for Power Sector and suggestions for systemic changes

V K Aggarwal
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Author: V K Agarwal, Member – IEEMA, Past FISME President


In a seminar organized by IEEMA recently Power Minister R.K. Singh asked Power Distribution companies (DISCOMS) to to open LCs on purchase of power from the Central utilities.

Let’s hope of a day when DISCOMs will have to follow financial discipline and their management including MDs will be subject…

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The Indian-woman’s guide to investing

Amit Lalan
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Author: Mr. Amit Lalan, Director, Upstox

For ages, Indian women have played a pivotal role in managing the family finances. While they stayed out of major financial decisions, they did hold access and control over the ‘Ghar ki Tijori’, or to put it metaphorically, keys to the wealth of the family. What is the concept…

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Emerging Opportunities for MSME Sector in Telangana

Yerram Raju
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Telangana Government has created efficient policy instruments around TSiPASS, T-PRIDE,T-IDEA, RICH, and TASK, TIHCL as part of the MSME ecosystem. MSMEs in the state today do not face power outages, voltage fluctuations. They do not suffer scarcity of industrial water. Tolerance to pollution is going down al bait slowly but surely. Disruptive Digital technologies, particularly Artificial intelligence and Man Machine…

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MSME Credit on the Banks’ Radar Again: Proportionate Regulation helps

Yerram Raju
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Huge NPAs in corporate sector of the order exceeding Rs.10trillion and the increasing credit outflow for MSMEs from the NBFCs, on the verge of taking away the meat our of the portfolio have woken up the commercial banks to lend to this sector more responsibly. Banks like SBI, Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Syndicate Bank, and PNB are in the lead…

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Growth Mystery and Imbalances

Yerram Raju
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India has been the cynosure’s eye in regard to the announced growth of 7.1% for 2017-18 in spite of fall in manufacturing growth and wavering agriculture growth. Analysts have various expectations ranging from 7.5% for the next fiscal even amidst fears of rising inflation expectation from the RBI.

The much touted macroeconomic fundamentals, EODB rankings not withstanding are shaken with…

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"SCALE UP INDIA” mission needed for MSMEs to scale up and become high growth champion enterprises

Amit Jha
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In the last few weeks, MSME sector finally appears to have become the buzzword in the corridor of economic policy making in India. Significant policy decisions with far reaching consequences have been announced.

Investment in plant and machinery has been junked and new definition on the basis of turnover criteria – partly aligned with international definition norms- has been approved…

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