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Innovation and the enabling ecosystem for SMEs

DC Sekhar
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Today we are witness to some of the most sincere efforts by Governments, right at the top to improve the ecosystem of start-up and innovation ecosystem. These have largely managed to inject a lot of positivity and optimism in the business environment.

This article is a bottom up view from an entrepreneur who earned from service revenues, invested surplus finds…

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Strengthen the MSE facilitation council sooner than later

Yerram Raju
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Most micro and small enterprises suffer from delayed payments for their supplies and services. Several contractual engagements with both the government and public sector undertakings also are not honoured.

In line with the long-standing demand of small-scale sector to alleviate the problem of delayed payments the Delayed Payments Act came into being in 1993. The hope that the small scale…

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An Investigation into THE BUSINESS OF RATING

S P Gupta
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BRIEF: This is an attempt to assess the business of external rating of MSME in particular of accounts with exposure of Rs 500 lacs or above. Internal rating done by a financing bank/institution cannot be called ‘rating’ as the result of such rating is only to assess the borrower client and such rating is…

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How banks misuse SARFAESI Act provisions for loan recovery

K Manicka Raj & B Yerram Raju
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The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act 2002 is a powerful instrument in the hands of the banks and financial institutions (FIs) as secured creditors. This Act helps them enforce securities held as collateral to loans disbursed by them should such loans turn out as non-performing assets (NPAs) during the currency of the…

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Time Span of Credit Dispensation to MSME

S P Gupta
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I define the span of credit dispensation as the time from the date of complete application of a borrowing unit seeking fresh sanction, renewal, and/or enhancement of either of working capital limits or of term loans to the time when there is actual delivery of such funds.

As a consequence of this delay green filed projects get cost escalation besides…

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SMBs most prone to data breaches, will gain by investing in cloud tech

Noor Mohd
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Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are supposed to be the backbone of any economy. However, they also have the soft underbelly – that is, when it comes to data protection, SMBs are most vulnerable. So, requisite investment by these enterprises in data security technologies like cloud computing would always make a great economic sense.

Indian SMBs…

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9 Tips To Transform Weekend Adventurism Into A Profitable Startup

Vishwas Chavan
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Today startups are being kick started at an unprecedented rate, especially in India when the government itself has announced attractive schemes for StartUp India and StandUp India.

Along with the technology and manufacturing startups, a new breed of "community driven micro-finance startups" are on rise. This is certainly a positive trend, that…

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“The Golden Age for Family Managed Businesses is Now”

Parimal Merchant
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A couple of my students of Family Managed Business once came and told me they wanted to go into the business of stationery. I was aghast: with all these years of management studies, research, and exposure to global business, you want to go into the business of stationery? What will you do, manufacture paper clips? Have a chain…

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DPP-2016: An Analytical Overview

Dr Laxman Kumar Behera
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After a prolonged delay, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) released the revised Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) on March 28, 2016. The document, coming into effect from April 01, 2016, is applicable to all projects which would be given in-principle approval (or the Acceptance of Necessity (AoN)) thereafter. It is, however, to be noted that the released document is not…

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What is a Family Business without the Family?

Parimal Merchant
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Having been focused on family businesses all my working life, I take a great deal of interest not only on the business side of these enterprises, but also the families behind them. I have found that not only does what is happening in the family have an effect on the business side of things, but also vice…

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