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MSME Credit on the Banks’ Radar Again: Proportionate Regulation helps

Yerram Raju
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Huge NPAs in corporate sector of the order exceeding Rs.10trillion and the increasing credit outflow for MSMEs from the NBFCs, on the verge of taking away the meat our of the portfolio have woken up the commercial banks to lend to this sector more responsibly. Banks like SBI, Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Syndicate Bank, and PNB are in the lead…

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Growth Mystery and Imbalances

Yerram Raju
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India has been the cynosure’s eye in regard to the announced growth of 7.1% for 2017-18 in spite of fall in manufacturing growth and wavering agriculture growth. Analysts have various expectations ranging from 7.5% for the next fiscal even amidst fears of rising inflation expectation from the RBI.

The much touted macroeconomic fundamentals, EODB rankings not withstanding are shaken with…

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"SCALE UP INDIA” mission needed for MSMEs to scale up and become high growth champion enterprises

Amit Jha
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In the last few weeks, MSME sector finally appears to have become the buzzword in the corridor of economic policy making in India. Significant policy decisions with far reaching consequences have been announced.

Investment in plant and machinery has been junked and new definition on the basis of turnover criteria – partly aligned with international definition norms- has been approved…

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Resource Efficient Clean Production – MSMEs Role

Yerram Raju
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Most environmental economists in all the international fora admitted the cause and consequence of global warming resting in pollution – air, water, sound and atmosphere. It is difficult to analyse the problems relating to costs and benefits. For example, the benefits are reaped by the present consumers of nuclear power; the costs, if any, are borne by the future generations…

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Demonetisation Impact on GST and Liquidity Gridlock-led Business Growth Crisis

B L Chandak
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Spill-over effects of demonetization and its impact on GST is having unintended consequence of acute liquidity crisis in trade and industry. There is a wide-spread delays/defaults in inter-firm credit based payment system. Businesses are experiencing a liquidity gridlock type situation where several payments each await the settlement of others. Due to this, a historic  growth boosting reform like GST is…

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Is GST Applicable for the Industry Associations?

Mukesh Gulati
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July is the month of monsoon for the rest of Northern Hemisphere, but Indian government had its twist. Government choose to bring clouds of Goods and Services Tax (GST) for everyone; the cloud that would not stop dripping all year long. GST is a comprehensivemulti-stagedestination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition, which means all the previous indirect taxes are removed…

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Why GST is Getting Surat Terrified

Mayank Jain
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Starting the 27th of June, the MSMEs belonging to the Textile Industry in Surat have been in a state of shock! They quickly tried to figure out what hit them - got scared to no end doing so - took to the streets, processions, dharnas, fasts — even withstood a Lathi Charge — all within a week! GST surely is Getting Surat Terrified! 

To understand…

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SMEs Access to Capital Markets in India

Yerram Raju
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It took almost a decade since the SME Exchange has been formalised to see 60 floats in a month. Still the total number of listings on the SME bourses is not something that the growing Indian economy can be proud of.

In India, most SMEs operate in debt markets. Cost of raising debt for SMEs is increasingly becoming problematic both…

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MSE Credit Supply Shrinks

Yerram Raju
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Commercial Banks proved sweet nothings in their offerings to the MSEs while a myriad of their loan products focused on medium enterprises or the mid-corporate sector.

Manufacturing MSEs going by RBI November 2016 data reveals that they share 42.9% outstanding credit with a negative growth of 9.2%. Manufacturing sector was the largest employer providing employment to 30.3 million (23.1%) persons,…

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Impact of Enhanced Standards for Credit Rating Agencies on SMEs

Rajesh Dubey
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The year 2015 saw a sharp downgrade in the credit rating of Amtek Auto leading to redemption crisis in J P Morgan Asset Management Company. The rating agencies came in for a lot of criticism. Year 2016 posed a similar position for the rating agencies; however, they were cautious this time and took care in staggering the downgrade, though in…

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