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Kanpur’s leather MSMEs planning to move to Bengal

Updated: May 01, 2017 10:50:36am

Kanpur’s leather MSMEs planning to move to Bengal

New Delhi, May 1 (KNN) The Kanpur leather tanneries are exploring the possibility of setting up units in the state of West Bengal, one of the main reasons for it being the lack of raw material in Uttar Pradesh.

So far 20-25 tanneries have expressed interest and are looking for land in Bengal, Ramesh Juneja, President of Calcutta Leather Complex Tanneries Associations said in a media interview.

Also Rajiva Sinha, West Bengal State MSME Secretary said that he has been informed about the interest expressed by the Uttar Pradesh tanneries in opening up their units in Bengal. If that is true, the West Bengal government will surely meet them and offer all support for the same, the Secretary said.

Meanwhile the lack of raw material is not the only cause for the Kanpur leather tanneries to move out of the state.

Talking to KNN, Naveen Khanna, Divisional Chairman of the Indian Industries Association said that while lack of raw material can be a cause, it is not the only cause.

“As far as I know, the reason for units moving out of U.P is not confined to the unavailability of raw materials, it is also because of the harsh rules by the U.P government on the Kanpur tanneries, over them being suspected guilty of polluting Ganga” said Naveen.

He further informed that since the Government is in the process of shifting the industry somewhere else in the state away from the proximity of Ganga, the Tanneries are themselves exploring possibility of shifting to another state such as West Bengal.

The Calcutta Leather Complex is an attractive option for the UP Tanneries as there are well maintained effluent treatment plants to get rid of the waste. Such plants do not operate in Kanpur, due to which the industries had to release their wastes in Ganga. (KNN/ DA)


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