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MSMEs need proper handholding to move towards energy efficiency: FICCI

Updated: Nov 01, 2017 10:42:13am

MSMEs need proper handholding to move towards energy efficiency: FICCI

New Delhi, Nov 1 (KNN) The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises need proper handholding in order to be energy efficient, M.A Patil, Director of Federationof Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) said.

Patil said that despite numerous projects taking place for the sector to adopt energy efficient technology, the replication of the technology among the enterprises doesn't really happen.

"Majority of the projects progress from phase 1 of baseline surveys to phase 3 in which success stories are shared, it hardly progresses into phase 4 in which the actual replication of technology among the MSMEs must happen" said Patil.

He further said that the main obstacle in the process is that there is no proper handholding despite the MSMEs willing to adopt.

Explaining further he said that once the success story and demonstration is shared among the MSMEs, and when the MSMEs try to replicate, they end up having bad copies of the model.

Citing the instance of project in Jamnagar, that was executed I'm association with UNIDO to move towards dust free foundries, the project was able to develop a successful prototype to make use of the dust by selling it to the chemical fertilizers industry.

Despite the successful development of the project, it was found that the other MSMEs of the region who tried to have similar mechanism, they ended up having non-functional bad copies of the mechanism doing no good for the units.

Patil made these remarks addressing a session at the 2 Day National Summit on Energy Efficiency in Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in the National Capital. (KNN/DA)


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