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26 MSMEs from Aurangabad Auto Cluster join hands with GIZ for Low Cost Automation Solutions

Updated: Dec 07, 2016 11:31:08am

26 MSMEs from Aurangabad Auto Cluster join hands with GIZ for Low Cost Automation Solutions

Aurangabad, Dec 7 (KNN) Recognizing the importance of Innovation and Automation for business growth, as many as 26 city based micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have joined hands with German Development Corporation, GIZ, for the programme it runs with MSME Ministry on technology upgradation.

German Government Arm- GIZ - in partnership with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, is working for the technological upgradation of indian MSME units under the joint programme "Promotion of Innovation in MSMEs“.

Under this programme, Aurangabad Auto Cluster has been selected as one of the focussed areas to enhance innovation and technological capacity of auto component manufactruing units.

GIZ is closely working with the local industry associations including CMIA and MASSIA to efficiently implement the programme.

In the 26 shortlisted small scale auto component manufacturing industries there is a huge scope of improvement in terms of productivity, quality, better working condiction for operators by implementing Low Cost Automation Solutions.

Low Cost Automation is a technology that creates some degree of automation around the existing equipment, tools, methods, people and by using mostly standard components available in the market. Since the investment required is low, the risk involved too gets lower.

The project has been divided in two phases under which in the first phase a feasibility study would be conduct by automation expert in all the 26 MSMEs by considering the investment, improvement in existing processes, ROI and impact of Automation.

At the end of phase-1, Automation consultant would make a customize automation concept design for each unit with expected cost involved in Automation.

The second phase of the project would focus on implementation of low cost automation system in agreed industries.

The first meeting for Low Cost Automation Project was conducted in MASSIA office in the presence of representatives from the shortlisted MSMEs along with GIZ‘s Aurangabad Cluster Representative Tasvvar Ali and an Automation Expert.

The cost of phase-1 for the project would be borne by GIZ Completely, while the suppprt from GIZ in phase-2 would be finalized after analysis of phase-1 findings.

The MSME entrepreneurs have shown great interest in adopting this low cost automation technology.

Shrinkant Joshi from Shree Engineering would coordinate all activities of this project from industries side. (KNN Bureau)


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