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Jammu MSMEs urge govt to implement ancillarisation policy to boost purchase by PSUs

Updated: Oct 25, 2016 11:01:06am

Jammu MSMEs urge govt to implement ancillarisation policy to boost purchase by PSUs

Jammu, Oct 25 (KNN) The Jammu MSMEs have urged the J&K Government to implement the ancillarisation policy in the state to protect the packaging and other related industries engaged in the manufacturing of products required by the PSUs & Large Scale Units.

In this regard, the Bari Brahmana Industries Association (BBIA) held a meeting today to discuss the issue,

Lalit Mahajan, President, BBIA, said, “The meeting was to discuss the implementation of ancillarisation policy by the State Government for providing due share in the purchase of raw material and packaging material to the MSME Sector by the Public Sector Undertakings and Large Scales Units.”

Mahajan said that ancillarisation process was started in the country simultaneously with the government setting up enterprises almost in all the core sectors.

“The large industries and other PSUSs started sub-contracting the standard and low technology items to small-scale industries which developed a sound base of ancillarisation, helped Proliferations and Development of MSME Sector,” he said.

The concept of ancillarisation in private sector will prove a milestone in ushering in an era of sub-contracting amongst the industries located in the state which will increase the avenues of the employment, said Mahajan.

The J&K MSMEs have urged the Industries Minister Chander Parkash to issue necessary instructions to the concerned officials to issue guidelines to adopt the ancillarisation policy for the development of the sector. (KNN Bureau)


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