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21/06/2019 03:05pm

International Day of Yoga: Why MSME entrepreneurs need Yog for Udyog?

image International Day of Yoga: Why MSME entrepreneurs need Yog for Udyog?

New Delhi, June 21 (KNN) To live a healthy life in harmony with nature has become the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs these days as uncertainty continuously plague and pressurize them to think out of the box in this competitive world unlike old generation. In such a scenario, they need to manage their energies well in order to innovate and for this reason ‘Yoga’ today has become the essence of life.

On this special occasion, KNN India spoke to established MSME entrepreneurs such as Manmohan Gaind, General Secretary of Manesar Industries Welfare Association, as well as Vipin Malhal, President of Noida Entrepreneurs Association to know their respective views on the developing need for yoga especially for entrepreneurs.

Stressing on the importance of Yoga in todays’ time period, Vipin Malhan focused on collaborating the importance of yoga to the working class by proclaiming that, “There is a lot of problems in life whether it be related to work, payment, market operations, competition or even fellow workers. So, if the person is practicing yoga regularly then it would add to balance in the state of mind and the ability to think straight and help in decision-making. “

For an entrepreneur or a businessman it is absolutely necessary to practice yoga in order to work satisfactorily and develop his/her business accordingly, he pointed.

He further encouraged the youth by saying, “It is necessary for every youth, every man to practice yoga.”

Also, all the impoverished must adapt to yoga because a healthy body and mind can alleviate their lives and anyways sickness has a huge financial bearing, he added by saying ‘Karo yog, raho nirog’.

On the other hand, Manmohan stated that there are certain political entities (that) feel yoga is associated with Hinduism and that’s why they don’t promote yoga.”

He said “We should not club yoga with any religion. Yoga is universal and must not be connected to a religion rather it should be implemented in school curriculum with the help from the government.”

To no surprise, it was Modi only who proposed the idea of a Yoga Day back in 2014 at the UN General Assembly where it was eventually accepted and henceforth June 21, was declared as International Day of Yoga.

“Yoga for Peace, Harmony and Progress”, this is the motto for the 5th International Day of Yoga as Prime Minister Narendra Modi led mass demonstration of the ancient spiritual practice at Ranchi, Jharkhand today.

On this special day, Prime Minister said “World over the first rays of the sun being welcomed by dedicated yoga practioners is a beautiful sight. Yoga is ancient and modern. It is constant and evolving. For centuries the essence of yoga has remained the same- Healthy body, stable mind, spirit of oneness. Yoga provides a perfect blend of Gyan or knowledge, Karma or work and Bhakti or devotion.”

“The importance of practicing yoga is greater than perhaps ever before. We live in a time when diseases related to lifestyle and stress are increasing. This come with the fast routines and pressures at the work place. It pains me to read about bright young men and women being affected by substance abuse, alcoholism, diabetes and such other evils. Yoga offers a solution for these problems. Yoga also furthers unity among people and in our society this can heal several challenges that our world faces” exhorted PM Modi while he was elaborating on the genuine requirement of Yoga in the modern world.


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