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23/08/2019 04:58pm

MSMEs too were a part of mission Chandrayaan-2

image MSMEs too were a part of mission Chandrayaan-2

Bengaluru, Aug 23 (KNN) The moon mission of India, Chandrayaan-2, which was successfully launched on July 22, 2019,  contributions from the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector as well.

The Ministry of MSME had recently tweeted,  “As Chandrayaan 2 successfully enters the Moon’s orbit, Ministry of MSME feels proud of the fact that its Technology Centres in Bhubaneswar (Central Tool Room & Training Centre, CTTC) & (Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments, IDEMI), Mumbai has closely worked”.

“Associated with the Mission in developing several vital components for the Cryogenic engine of the Launch Vehicle, Navigational assemblies of the Lunar Orbiter and the wheel assemblies for the Moon Launch," the Ministry added.

KNN India spoke to Bengaluru based Pushpak Products India Pvt. Ltd.

The company deals in designing, manufacturing and delivering the high-end precision products and services for the Aerospace, Defence, and Automobile sector.

Talking to the KNN India, Managing Director of Pushpak Products India Pvt. Ltd, CS Prakash said, “It makes us proud to be a crucial part of the Mission Chandrayaan-2. In some ways, MSMEs have been a part of this known mission which has marked the identity of India to a different level. Most importantly we have supplied thermal treatment and special critical components."

Emphasizing the role of MSMEs, Prakash mentioned, “MSMEs are now only not limited up to small business but their contribution starts from ground level which directly creates a major effect on such big missions. It is a good indication about the sector."

“In some or the other way, MSME manufactures the essential components for launch vehicles which are the positive sign of nurturing and development of this sector along with heavy industries," said Prakash.

In addition to this, on the day of launch a message by the Pushpak Products India Pvt. Ltd read, “We are very happy and proud to inform that 'Pushpak' is also a part of 'Chandrayan II - GSLV MK-III' project. Thanks to ISRO, HAL-ASD, SAC, VSSC, Astra, Centum, L&T, and many more for considering us for special processes and manufacturing precision sheet metal components.  Congratulations to INDIA and ISRO team for the great success”.

From past 17 to 20 years we have been a crucial part of the space mission and with zero defects into our products a mark has been put by us. Sheet metal components have been supplied by us for the launch vehicle which acts as a key factor in the mission, Prakash added.


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