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India-Croatia relations deepening in trade, technology and tourism: Indian Ambassador

Updated: Apr 15, 2021 07:14:11am

India-Croatia relations deepening in trade, technology and tourism: Indian Ambassador

New Delhi, Apr 15 (KNN) Ambassador of India to the Republic of Croatia, Raj Kumar Srivastava has said that even though Croatia is an European Union (EU) country, it is yet to be a Eurozone economy. This transition period of the next two to three years provides an opportunity for India to utilise Croatia as a gateway towards Europe.

Addressing the India-Croatia Business Forum organised by FICCI, Srivastava, spoke about four Ts – trade, technology, talent, and tourism, as potential areas of growth for India-Croatia bilateral ties in future.

“Croatia boasts of a very strong maritime economy and there is vast land available that is yet to be harnessed by the European economy. There are opportunities to be harnessed because of the New India and New Croatia narrative that is beginning to take shape,” he said.

HE Mr Petar Ljubičić, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Croatia to India said, “Our bilateral visits at the highest levels are becoming more frequent and that is the need of the hour.” He drew attention to the shared diplomatic relations of 30 years between both the nations and spoke about the upcoming EU-India Summit and its negotiations on trade and investment agreement between EU and India.

In perspective to the current pandemic, Mr Ljubičić encouraged policies to strengthen connectivity by quoting various ways of communication with the help of webinars and online interactions.

Ines Obradović, Director of International Affairs Sector, Croatian Chamber of Economy highlighted the bilateral trade relations between the two regions.

“Croatia’s exports to India are significantly lower than our imports from India. There is certainly a room for improvement; we must focus on new India and new emerging opportunities,” she said.

Ivica Žigić, President of the Indian-Croatian Business Council noted, “Croatia has, in recent times, accepted the green strategy and is developing a lot of opportunities for its partners all around the world. India as a part of the Commonwealth, its environment and economy, is welcomed in Croatia.”


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