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India Seeks Review Of WTO Panel’s Decision Against Tariffs On ICT Goods

Updated: Dec 15, 2023 03:35:48pm

India Seeks Review Of WTO Panel’s Decision Against Tariffs On ICT Goods

New Delhi, Dec 15 (KNN) India on Thursday placed an appeal for a review challenging a decision by the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) dispute settlement body that had ruled against New Delhi’s imposition of tariffs on mobile phones and electronic components, among other ICT goods, reported ET.

The European Union (EU) brought the case and a WTO panel in April stating that India had violated global trading rules.

In response, India has sought a review by the Appellate Body and said in its appeal, “Of the errors of law and legal interpretation by the panel in its report and requests finding by the Appellate Body”.

Similarly in May, India had appeal a ruling that had favoured Japan but the WTO gave three months, till September 19, to India and the EU to settle the dispute.

Clearing the allegations puts forward by EU, India said in its appeal, “The products which, as the EU alleges, should be given tariff-free treatment were never covered under the ITA and hence were not negotiated.”

To make its appeal stronger, India argued that the concessions under the ITA were available to all WTO members, and not only to the ITA participants.

“In particular, the panel erred because the order of analysis conducted is correct,” India said in the appeal.

India has requested the Appellate Body to reverse, modify, or declare moot and of no legal effect, the findings, conclusions, rulings, and recommendations of the panel.

(KNN Bureau)


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