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PTFI And Tokyo-Based JIIPA Join Forces To Boost India-Japan trade

Updated: Sep 25, 2023 03:40:27pm

PTFI And Tokyo-Based JIIPA Join Forces To Boost India-Japan trade

New Delhi, Sept 25 (KNN) Progressive Federation of Trade and Industry (PFTI) has partnered with Tokyo-based Japan-India Industry Promotion Association (JIIPA) to promote comprehensive collaboration, and to accelerate growth, integrate industries, and amplify the trade and investment dynamics between India and Japan.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between PFTI and JIIPA on Saturday in Gurugram near New Delhi.


The PFTI-JIIPA pact is the second in the series ever since its inception in July this year as in a significant step towards bolstering the trade and industry sectors.

Welcoming the visiting delegation from Japan to the MoU signing ceremony titled “Unleash Business Opportunities in Japan”, Dr. Dhingra, Director, PFTI said that both sides met to explore and amplify the unparalleled synergies between India and Japan, two formidable giants in the world of trade and industry.

“The bond between our nations isn’t just about commerce. It’s a rich tapestry woven with threads of mutual respect, cultural exchanges, and shared visions. Japan’s precision and technological advancements coupled with India’s vast markets and entrepreneurial spirit have forged partnerships that shine as beacons of mutual growth and cooperation,” he added.

The PFTI members interacted with the JIIPA delegation and sought information on ways means, and opportunities to do business with Japanese companies. Prashant Godghate, Chairman, JIIPA; Mayumi Koyama; RYO IZUMI, and Shankar Noguchi took questions from PFTI members.

Prashant Godghate, Chairman, JIIPA said that JIIPA leveraged its best-in-class network, key ecosystem partners, and extensive information resources to promote industrial exchanges, strategic partnerships, and corporate development and functions as the voice of the Indo-Japan business community at an association and institutional level, internationally and within both countries.  (KNN Bureau)


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