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Swedish firm Otivr provides a platform for Indian IT SMEs to innovate, sell technology services in Sweden

Updated: Jul 23, 2018 10:31:16am

Swedish firm Otivr provides a platform for Indian IT SMEs to innovate, sell technology services in Sweden

New Delhi, July 23 (KNN) Swedish technology firm Otivr has renewed its focus on the Indian SME market with support from Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India, in the field of innovation in disruptive technologies, the company said in a press release.

The company provides a strong business platform in the Nordic for Indian IT SMEs to capture with diverse technology and IT offerings.

According to Forrester IT spending forecast, the Nordic countries, especially Sweden, along with Ireland and the UK will see the best growth on the continent at over 5%. Otivr aims to capture a significant portion of the increased market for IT spends with its specialised service offerings.

Otivr claims it is helping transform the IT outsourcing business by providing a gateway to Europe and Nordics for Indian SMEs as they have a strong foothold in European and Nordics region. Today over 10,000 professionals are offering strategic IT services through Otivr and the company has boosted their supplier base to over 150 high-quality SMEs, offering project solutions and dedicated resources starting from front-end developers, back-end developers, UX/UI designers, 3D artists, AI experts, tech developers with expertise in Java, Python, Microsoft technologies, Salesforce and many more.

With rapid increase in innovation and business, demand for skilled service providers increased in Nordics and Europe. This has led to huge outsourcing opportunities to be tapped. A report titled ‘Sweden a key driver of Nordic ICT growth’ published by Indian industry body NASSCOM notes that Sweden is identified as the market with 40 per cent (USD 23 billion in 2016-17) of the total share of the Nordic IT spend. Otivr has strong local representation in countries like Sweden and Denmark with its front-end sales offices.

Ricky Dhillon, CEO - Otivr comments on this forecast saying, “We have added strategic services such as IoT, BI and security, expanding our supplier base to over 10,000 skilled, professionals working with SMEs in the Nordics. Indian SMEs with a forward-looking vision are innovating in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Business Intelligence. We are closing the gap by opening up business opportunities in front of them to capture, providing access to the lucrative B2B sector with high value clients in international markets. We are targeting a GMV of 25 Million USD by 2019.”

He adds, “Co-ordinating with our clients and partners at the ‘front-end’, we are expanding the range of our services, integrating with more suppliers to cater to the rising demand for niche IT services in the Nordic region. By 2020 our target is to have 20,000 skilled professionals and 200 SME companies onboard Otivr.”


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