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14/05/2021 11:00am

Centre for Science & Environment to organise online training on water audit and conservation in industries from July 19 - August 1

image Centre for Science & Environment to organise online training on water audit and conservation in industries from July 19 - August 1

New Delhi, May 14 (KNN) Centre for Science & Environment (CSE) will organise a two-week online training on “Water Audit and Conservation in Industries” from July 19 - August 1, 2021. 

This training has been designed with an objective to provide a wider understanding on the aspects of water audit, advanced treatment technologies, wastewater management and recycling.

''Increasing industrial production especially in water intensive industries is already putting pressure on the limited freshwater resources in India as well as worldwide. This coupled with increased water demand from other sectors like infrastructure development, agriculture, domestic, etc. is leading to major conflicts over water availability.  Sourcing water and managing wastewater is becoming increasingly difficult & expensive and hence is an important aspect for sustainability of any industry. Industries which are heavily dependent on water for their production have to cut down on their production at times due to scarcity of water. Therefore, it is very critical that industries use water judiciously and reduce its water footprint as much as possible in order to be sustainable in future,'' Centre for Science & Environment said in its brochure.

It further said that water use optimization, improving water accounting systems, identifying water losses and opportunities for water savings can serve as an effective approach for reducing water consumption. Also, efficient wastewater treatment technologies and recycling and reuse practices can further bring down consumption and effluent generation.  Further, substantial costs which are associated with water & wastewater management like water sourcing, cost of pumping (energy), cost of water treatment (chemicals), cost of effluent treatment & disposal, etc.  can be effectively reduced through better water and wastewater management and through periodic conduction of water audits.

''Understanding the relevance of the subject, CSE has developed a two-week online course (12 hours per week) on water audit and conservation in industries. The online course is self-paced wherein pre-recorded video sessions from experts, presentations and other reading material will be uploaded on CSE’s online training platform on a daily basis. Additionally, 2-3 live online sessions will be organised with all the experts for taking up queries over the weekend,'' it added.

The course is designed in a manner to help participants in attending it along with their regular work and study the course material at their own convenience, it said.

For training details and registration, please click on the link below:


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