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A&A launches 2 flagship programs to facilitate development of SMEs

Updated: Sep 04, 2018 06:17:30am

A&A launches 2 flagship programs to facilitate development of SMEs

New Delhi, Sept 4 (KNN) In a bid to help Indian SME companies to grow financially, A&A business consulting has announced the launch of two flagship programs for SME sector.

The program called "SPEED for Business and Strategic Alliance in Business “are the two programs that will support the development of SME sector capabilities thus increasing the overall contribution of the sector to the GDP," said Sanjay Sharma, President of the consulting department.

Speaking about the SMEs, Chairman and Managing Director of A&A, Pravin Daryani said “SME sector is the backbone of Indian economy in terms of number of people employed and the number of goods produced. But its contribution to GDP remains less than 10 percent at present, largely due to internal deficiencies and limited outlook.”

With the enhancement of capabilities, SMEs can well contribute over 25% to GDP by 2025, he added.

Unless they are capable and prepared, they will not be able to leverage the existing and upcoming opportunities, he pointed.

Talking about the program, VP Sales at A&A Business Consulting, Raj Nair said “SFB is a 12-month consulting program by AABC to assist SME take their business to the next level. In SFB, AABC consultants implement certain set of doable in sales, finance, marketing, HR and operations department of an SME business. This makes their businesses organized and process driven leading to revenue growth.”

Founded in 2009, AABC has completed 1500 full-fledged consulting projects assisting businesses achieve organized growth.

"We can foresee the change we want to bring in the SME sector in India. We want to craft the financial destinies of millions of SMEs by assisting them grow in an organized way," said Daryani

 AABC has presence in 7 states across India with a network of 18000+ SMEs. The company completed assisting 1239 businesses grow financially in March 2018.

It is working towards the next mission of assisting 2020 businesses grow financially by 31st March 2020.


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