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DGFT notifies Model Skilling & Mentorship Program for Trainees of Status Holder Exporters

Updated: Jul 17, 2023 05:06:13pm

DGFT notifies Model Skilling & Mentorship Program for Trainees of Status Holder Exporters

New Delhi, July 17 (KNN) The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) recently issued a Trade Notice regarding the Curriculum for Skilling and Mentorship Obligation for Status Holders as per Para 1.30 of the FTP 2023.

Members of Trade and Industry may refer to Para 1.30 (b) of FTP 2023 regarding Skilling and Mentorship Obligations of Status Holders, wherein it was specified that a model training program of a minimum duration of 6 weeks would be put up in public domain for guidance.


The Notice specifies the number of Trainees each category of Status Holder Exporters is required to train per year: Two Star Export House 5, Three Star Export House 10, Four Star Export House 20  and Five Star Export House 50 trainees.

The aim is to improve the trade ecosystem by enhancing the available skilling opportunities, Status Holders are being made “partners” in providing mentoring and training in international trade.

Status Holders may consider collaborating in their clusters with industry partners to develop meaningful mediums to realize the intended outcomes, as per the model curriculum.

DGFT Regional Authorities (RAs) are expected to drive the initiative by getting in touch with Status holders in respective jurisdictions and encouraging them to implement the programs in intended spirit.

Status Holders may also get in touch with DGFT Regional Authorities (RAs), in case, any difficulty is faced as well as for any other support which may be needed to maximize the impact.

Support of DGFT RAs may also be sought in identifying new IEC holders to be mentored under the program and to provide support in getting in touch with relevant stakeholders including State government, Customs Authorities, ECGC, Banks etc for better exposure.

The aim should be to provide practical exposure to budding entrepreneurs in the field of international trade to bridge the gap in understanding the ecosystem.

Regional Authorities may annually hold Status Holder conventions to recognise contributions and felicitate active Status Holders who train/mentor more participants than that mandated.

Similar recognition at national level will be considered by DGFT based on the feedback from DGFT RAs and participants.

The Trade Notice can be accessed at: https://www.a2ztaxcorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Trade-Notice-14.pdf    (KNN Bureau)


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