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FISME Releases Advisory To MSMEs For Boiler Safety

Updated: May 30, 2024 02:06:41pm

FISME Releases Advisory To MSMEs For Boiler Safety

New Delhi, May 30 (KNN) Boilers are a critical part of many chemical manufacturing processes, but they also pose serious safety risks if not operated and maintained properly.

With summer temperatures soaring, the dangers of boiler failure or explosion are heightened as excess heat can cause dangerous pressure buildup. However, incidents occur not due to boiler bursts, but due to the mishandling of chemicals.

In the context of above, Federation of Indian micro and small & medium enterprises (FISME) released precautionary guidelines for boiler maintenance and chemical storage for the MSME units.

For Boilers, they should always be installed in an open space away from any inflammable materials. A trained attendant must be present to monitor the boiler at all times while it is operating. Each morning, the attendant should check that all supply valves are in working order before the startup.

Maintaining proper temperature and pressure levels is key. If levels become too high, the boiler's release valves can be opened to relieve pressure. The water level should be kept between 60-65 per cent at all times, with automatic monitoring equipment ensuring this range is upheld. After every shift, blow down valves should be inspected for any leakage.

The boiler's working pressure must also be closely monitored. Reminent life tests of the boiler are required, and any unit exceeding 10 years should be discontinued. Wiring should undergo a full overhaul every summer when boilers are typically offline.

For any inflammable chemicals, they must be properly stored in an isolated, cool, dark location away from the boiler area. These materials should be clearly labelled with danger signage.

Only minimum required quantities should be kept in stock - no excess storage is permitted. Plant security should be informed about all inflammable chemical storage to ensure proper safety protocols.

Adherence to these precautions is vital for the safety of chemical plant workers and surrounding communities. Boiler neglect can lead to explosions, fires, and environmental disasters, so vigilance is essential.

(KNN Bureau)


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