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MSME-DI, Chennai to support MSMEs for adopting & rolling out oxygen technology in markets

Updated: May 31, 2021 06:34:39am

MSME-DI, Chennai to support MSMEs for adopting & rolling out oxygen technology in markets

Kolkata, May 31 (KNN) Director, MSME-DI, Chennai, S S Babuji has appreciated the CSIR-CMERI Oxygen Technology and assured that MSME-DI office will provide all assistance to the MSMEs for adopting and rolling out the technology in the markets.

He said during a webinar on ‘Oxygen Enrichment Technology' on Saturday which was organised in association with the Indian Medical Association, Tamil Nadu, for the Doctors and Associate Medical Fraternity.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, shared that CSIR-CMERI has a vision for an oxygen sufficient India along with a Sustainable Solution. He further explained that various insightful scientific reports establish that during a single complete respiration cycle the process of inhalation uses only 1/3 rd of the total time.

However, as per current practices oxygen is supplied to patients indiscriminately. These practices render almost 30 to 40 per cent of the supplied oxygen as waste.

''This is prevalent as practice because most of the oxygen related technologies available in the markets are based upon providing oxygen therapy for the patients and are not tailor-made to tackle patients with transmissible diseases,'' he added.

The virtual congregation was also graced by Dr. A K Ravikumar, Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Tamil Nadu and Dr. P Ramakrishnan, President, Indian Medical Association, Tamil Nadu.

The Webinar was attended by more than 75 members a majority of whom were members of the Indian Medical Association

which included Doctors, Associate Medical Professionals and representatives of MSMEs & PSUs.


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