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On MSME day Amazon announces simplified onboarding process for sellers

Updated: Jun 28, 2023 01:40:14pm

On MSME day Amazon announces simplified onboarding process for sellers

New Delhi, June 28 (KNN) Amazon India on Tuesday announced that it has streamlined their onboarding experience to ease the registration process for sellers.

On the occasion of World MSME Day the giant e-commerce platform revealed that in new system, vendors will be required to register their mobile numbers and provide the GSTIN details of their business.


Removing the need to fill in every single detail manually, Amazon has introduced a machine learning-powered fill-up feature to simplify the registration process on the platform.

The feature will pre-fill the necessary details and provide suggestions for brand names, shipping preferences and other options. 

This initiative is aimed to encourage sellers from Tier-2 and 3 cities to register on the platform and also bring down the number of incomplete registrations on account of a lack of technological skills. Currently, 65% of the sellers registered on ‘Amazon.in’ are from smaller towns. 

Speaking about the simplification of the onboarding process, Amit Nanda, Director of Selling Partner Services, Amazon India said, “The first step in starting an online business – that of registering and onboarding – is often the most daunting for small businesses who are new to e-commerce. By simplifying the registration process, we look forward to more Indian entrepreneurs, armed with no more than a mobile device and GSTIN, seizing the opportunity to sell online.”

Amazon India has more than 12 lakh registered sellers, including local stores, traditional weavers and artisans, women entrepreneurs as well as start-ups and digital entrepreneurs.  (KNN Bureau)


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