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Prime Minister Modi Advocates "Zero Defect Zero Effect" for MSMEs In Automotive Sector

Updated: Feb 28, 2024 01:56:56pm

Prime Minister Modi Advocates "Zero Defect Zero Effect" for MSMEs In Automotive Sector

Madurai, Feb 28 (KNN) In a recent address at a special program in Madurai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the critical importance of "Zero Defect Zero Effect" in the production of components, particularly in the MSME sector.

The event, titled "Creating the Future – Digital Mobility for Automotive MSME Entrepreneurs," witnessed the launch of two groundbreaking initiatives aimed at bolstering MSMEs within the Indian automotive industry.

The Prime Minister commenced his speech with a warm Tamil greeting, acknowledging Tamil Nadu's significant contributions to global technological advancements, particularly in the automotive domain.

He applauded the state's prowess and highlighted the theme of the event, emphasising digital mobility's role in shaping the future for automotive MSME entrepreneurs.

Central to his address was the recognition of MSMEs as pivotal players in India's automotive landscape, constituting a substantial portion of the sector's growth and innovation.

PM Modi stressed the sector's substantial contribution, with approximately 7 per cent of the country's GDP attributed to the automotive industry.

Moreover, he underscored the global opportunities awaiting Indian MSMEs, with many global automobiles incorporating components manufactured by them, thereby emphasising the need for stringent quality control and durability standards.

The Prime Minister's remarks resonated with the unveiling of two significant initiatives – the "TVS Open Mobility Platform" and the "TVS Mobility-CII Centre of Excellence" – aimed at fostering the growth and development of smaller MSMEs operating within the automotive sector.

These initiatives not only signify a strategic collaboration between industry stakeholders but also symbolise the government's commitment to empowering MSMEs and integrating them into the global supply chain.

PM Modi's advocacy for "Zero Defect Zero Effect" encapsulates the essence of quality-driven production while minimising environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

By championing these principles, he envisions Indian MSMEs not only as participants but as key drivers of the global automotive supply chain, thereby reinforcing India's position as a hub for innovation and manufacturing excellence in the automotive sector.

(KNN Bureau)


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