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Sales & Recruitment To Be Top Concerns For MSMEs: Borzo Survey

Updated: Apr 18, 2024 02:11:03pm

Sales & Recruitment To Be Top Concerns For MSMEs: Borzo Survey

New Delhi, Apr 18 (KNN) A survey conducted by intra-city delivery service Borzo has highlighted sales and customer acquisition, as well as recruitment and manpower issues, as the biggest challenges faced by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in their growth journey.

According to the survey findings, 16 per cent of the respondents cited sales and customer acquisition as their primary concern, while 13 per cent identified recruitment or manpower problems as the second-biggest hurdle.

Other significant operational challenges faced by MSMEs include packaging, inventory management, marketing, payments, financing, and economic costs or pricing.

While the survey report did not disclose the total number of respondents or the methodology employed, it provides valuable insights into the pain points experienced by MSMEs across various sectors.

Borzo, which operates in multiple countries, including India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey, caters to over 2 million customers, ranging from individuals to enterprises, with a primary focus on small and medium businesses.

The survey revealed that 32 per cent of MSMEs adopt a multi-channel approach, operating through both retail and online channels, while 30 per cent rely solely on retail channels, and 40 per cent operate exclusively online.

Notably, 79 per cent of the surveyed MSMEs reported no slowdown in their business, while 21 per cent claimed to be facing a downturn.

Additionally, 49 per cent experienced a 20-30 per cent increase in order demand, and 16 per cent saw a 30-40 per cent jump, while 15 per cent faced a decline in demand.

The average per-order ticket size for MSMEs ranged between Rs 750 and Rs 1,500, while the average ticket size for all orders in a day fell between Rs 9,500 and Rs 15,000.

The survey highlights the pressing issues confronting MSMEs and underscores the importance of addressing these challenges to foster growth and competitiveness in this critical sector of the economy.

(KNN Bureau)


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