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Tamil Nadu Unveils Industry 4.0 Lab to Revolutionise Manufacturing Processes For MSMEs

Updated: Apr 13, 2024 05:05:59pm

Tamil Nadu Unveils Industry 4.0 Lab to Revolutionise Manufacturing Processes For MSMEs

Chennai, Apr 13 (KNN) A Centre for Industry 4.0 (C4i4) lab was inaugurated in Trichy, on Friday, aimed at empowering public sector undertakings (PSUs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and startups to explore advanced technologies, including robotics, for assembly and packaging of their components or products.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Heavy Industries as part of the Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub (SAMARTH) initiative, the lab adopts Industry 4.0 solutions.

It encourages entrepreneurs and industries to understand the impact of digital solutions in improving efficiency and quality in the manufacturing sector.

One of the key solutions offered by the lab is the use of robotics for product packaging, replacing the time-consuming manual process and ensuring zero errors.

This cutting-edge technology will benefit a wide range of manufacturing units, including public sector units like the Ordnance Factory in Trichy and entrepreneurs operating sweet stalls, among others.

"We have prototypes that offer hands-on experience, which would make the participant understand the impact on the manufacturing process," said V Sivaraman, Managing Director of Trichy Aerospace Private Limited.

The lab is expected to benefit various manufacturing units in the central and southern districts of the state, providing access to collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles, among other advanced technologies.

By leveraging Industry 4.0 solutions, the lab aims to bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing processes and cutting-edge digital technologies, enabling businesses to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

The inauguration of the C4i4 lab in Trichy marks a significant step towards fostering innovation and promoting the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies by PSUs, MSMEs, and startups in the region.

(KNN Bureau)


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