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Traders and Micro Enterprises Find Place In BJP Manifesto

Updated: Apr 15, 2024 12:36:48pm

Traders and Micro Enterprises Find Place In BJP Manifesto

New Delhi, Apr 15 (KNN) In its manifesto for the upcoming elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has outlined ambitious plans to support and empower the micro enterprises, small traders and Vishwakarma families.

The BJP's manifesto states, "For centuries, small traders and Vishwakarma families have been making important contributions to the development of our economy.”

The manifesto also mentioned, “We will promote a safe and innovative environment for the growth of MSMEs, small traders, and Vishwakarma families.”

“We are committed to providing sustainable economic development and empowerment to these families," it added.

To facilitate easy access to credit, the party plans to leverage the Digital India infrastructure to develop a robust and simple digital credit solution for small traders and MSMEs.

Additionally, the party aims to reduce regulations and encourage state governments to simplify their laws, making life and business easier for these sectors.

The manifesto also emphasises the adoption of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and the expansion of businesses using technology.

Recognising the importance of cyber security, the BJP proposes creating an ecosystem of public cyber security products to protect small traders and MSMEs from cyber threats and fraud.

Furthermore, the party plans to launch affordable insurance products to safeguard these entities against accidents like fire, theft, and natural disasters, and further simplify the GST portal to ease their work.

The manifesto outlines initiatives to modernise traditional handicrafts in collaboration with design skill institutes, establish a Handicraft Design Bank to impart skills to traditional artisans, and create new livelihood opportunities by connecting them to the global market.

The BJP also aims to expand the network of Post Office Export Centres to provide easy export facilities to MSMEs, small traders, and Vishwakarma families.

(KNN Bureau)


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