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Chilli exports from India crossed Rs 10,000 cr in 2022-23

Updated: Jul 27, 2023 02:34:28pm

Chilli exports from India crossed Rs 10,000 cr in 2022-23

Vijayawada, July 27 (KNN) The chilli exports from India crossed 10,000 crore mark during 2022-23 due to the massive demand from the global markets, reported TOI.

As per reports, the state of Andhra Pradesh was the leading producers of chilli’s. Around 50 per cent of the stock was exported from the state in 2022-23.


The continuous export orders helped farmers make huge returns during the just concluded sale season. The crop in the Indian market usually enters around the middle of December while the markets start flooding with the stocks by middle of January. 

The unexpected rains and floods during last November-December damaged chilli crop in many districts of the state. The crop output was reduced by at least 30-40 per cent leaving farmers worried over facing huge losses. Luckily, a booming export market brought cheers to the faces of farmers. 

The prices in retail market have continuously hovered around 20,000 per quintal, which is an all-time high in recent history. The average price farmers fetched last year was around 10,000-12,000 per quintal. In fact, a price not less than 8,000 per quintal is said to be remunerative to recover the costs. 

High prices in the export market helped the traders as well as the farmers. The total volume of exports witnessed a fall of nearly 40,000 tonnes when compared to last year’s exports. The chilli exports were steadily going up from India due to the demand from European countries, China, Sri Lanka and the USA. 

India exported nearly 6.46 lakh tonnes making 9,241 crore during 2020-21 when the entire world was stalled following the outbreak of Covid-19.  (KNN Bureau)


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