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APEDA Launches Dedicated Division To Boost Organic Exports

Updated: Feb 23, 2024 04:16:50pm

APEDA Launches Dedicated Division To Boost Organic Exports

New Delhi, Feb 23 (KNN) In a significant move aimed at strengthening India's organic export sector, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has unveiled a specialised organic promotion division. 

This new division has been established to serve as a central hub for coordinating efforts to maximise the country's organic export capabilities.

Focusing on elevating Uttarakhand's organic sector, APEDA is implementing a comprehensive strategy. 

This plan includes enhancing farming techniques, streamlining certification processes, and identifying key export products, all with the goal of positioning Uttarakhand as a prominent player in the global organic market.

Drawing inspiration from Sikkim's status as India's inaugural fully organic state, APEDA is crafting a strategic roadmap to expand exports and reinforce sustainable practices. 

By leveraging Sikkim's unique strengths in organic agriculture, APEDA aims to enhance its international standing.

With ongoing successful initiatives in Uttarakhand and forthcoming plans for Sikkim, APEDA's ambition extends to replicating these strategies in additional states. 

By targeting regions with significant organic farming potential, APEDA envisions establishing a network of thriving organic export hubs throughout India.

(KNN Bureau)


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