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BEE Initiatives Brought Down Energy Consumption & Carbon Emissions In India

Updated: Mar 02, 2024 02:34:11pm

BEE Initiatives Brought Down Energy Consumption & Carbon Emissions In India

New Delhi, Mar 2 (KNN) In a recent announcement on Friday, Union Minister RK Singh highlighted the impactful role of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in significantly curbing energy consumption and carbon emissions in India. 

During the 22nd Foundation Day celebrations of BEE, Minister RK Singh applauded the bureau's efforts, stating that their initiatives have led to a remarkable 3.5 per cent reduction in annual energy consumption and a substantial decrease of 306 million tonnes (MT) in yearly carbon emissions.

Singh emphasised the pivotal contributions of BEE's programs and initiatives towards enhancing energy efficiency across various sectors.

Notable among these initiatives are Buildings Energy Efficiency, Star Label for consumer goods, and Energy Efficiency in Small & Medium Industry, all of which aim to foster energy conservation and mitigate excessive power consumption.

The significance of these efforts becomes even more pronounced considering the alarming statistics related to carbon emissions from road transport. 

Minister Singh pointed out that road transport alone contributes to 12 per cent of the country's carbon dioxide emissions, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions to address this environmental challenge.

At the 22nd Foundation Day event, BEE Director General Abhay Bakre expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Power and other stakeholders for their unwavering support in advancing BEE's crucial initiatives. 

Bakre emphasized the shared commitment towards building a sustainable and energy-efficient future for India.

Under the Ministry of Power, BEE continues to promote the adoption of energy-efficient processes, equipment, devices, and systems. 

Through various measures, including incentives and preferential treatment for energy-efficient appliances, BEE strives to encourage widespread adoption of eco-friendly practices across industries and households alike.

(KNN Bureau)


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