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Decentro partners with SME platforms to help MSMEs access financial services

Updated: Feb 04, 2022 10:07:03am

Decentro partners with SME platforms to help MSMEs access financial services

New Delhi, Feb 4 (KNN) Decentro, an API platform for banking integration, aims to empower India’s wholesale food, grocery, and retail category SME facing platforms, with its embedded API banking modules. 

The ideas include enabling Kirana store owners with simplified QR/UPI payments, instant settlements for suppliers & agents, and most notably opening and linking business bank accounts directly via APIs. 

Further, Decentro also enables an embedded finance offering for availing credit by these SMEs via any NBFC that can be plugged in the backend again via APIs.

Decentro has recently integrated with multiple new-age SME-facing platforms, including Pagarbook, Simpel, SuperZop & Minko. 

This integration allows these new-age platforms to leverage Decentro’s business banking API to enable MSMEs to digitize their operations and adopt a tech-driven approach to scale further.

Decentro enables these platforms to empower thousands of SMEs via financial products and simplify their end to end operations. Connected Banking also helps business owners seamlessly link their bank accounts directly for financial reconciliation, fetching bank balances, and even making their vendor and payroll payouts via these platforms.

Decentro is an automated plug and play API enabled platform for fintech companies. The company’s primary market is APAC, where the company provides its product as an intuitive dashboard for them to use to connect with the underlying financial infrastructure.

On the announcement of these partnerships, Rohit Taneja, Founder & CEO, Decentro said, “A digitally-empowered small business reports double the revenue projection than an offline small business”. 

India’s USD 50 billion Fintech industry has the potential to disrupt the MSME by helping them embrace digital transformation. We’re thrilled to be taking a step ahead in building the next-gen fintech infrastructure with new-age SME-facing platforms He added.

Connected Banking enables SMEs to utilize financial and banking solutions designed specially to suit their needs in a very native manner across these platforms. With this new partnership, we are looking forward to empowering SMEs with advanced solutions that simplify and automate their processes, said Rohit.

Adarsh Kumar, Founder and CEO at PagarBook said, “Despite the fintech boom, Indian MSMEs continue to rely on archaic infrastructure to complete their financial transactions. We’re happy to partner with Decentro in simplifying digitalization for MSMEs”. 

Sanket Shendure, Co-founder at Minko.app said, “We have seen the immense potential digital transformation can unveil for every business. To help retail business owners embrace every aspect of it, we need to build a simplified tech ecosystem that offers end-to-end solutions for all requirements. We’re happy to partner with like-minded companies like Decentro that will help us in our mission to bridge the credit gap for small business owners”.  (KNN/AT)


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