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Germany Grants License to Export Small Arms to India

Updated: Apr 27, 2024 06:10:38pm

Germany Grants License to Export Small Arms to India

New Delhi, Apr 27 (KNN) Germany has granted a license to India to purchase small arms from German companies, officials say. 

This marks a major relaxation of Germany's longstanding policy restricting the sale of small arms to only European Union members, NATO countries, and a few others.

"Beginning of April, Germany granted a small arms license to India, which is a huge exception," a source stated, reported hindu.

The license will allow India to procure spare parts and accessories for the MP5 submachine guns used extensively by its National Security Guard forces.

Germany has also simplified its licensing requirements for military equipment sales to India more broadly. 

Officials noted that around 95 per cent of recent licensing requests from India have been approved, with the process becoming much faster in recent months.

The policy shift underscores the importance Germany attaches to its strategic relationship with India. 

Berlin views a strong India as vital for maintaining the international rules-based order and ensuring freedom of navigation critical for global commerce.

In addition to small arms, Germany has approved the export of a tank engine and propulsion system for India's indigenous light tank project. It has also offered tank engines for India's Arjun main battle tank program.

(KNN Bureau)


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