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Centre To Develop Import Management System For IT Hardware: MoS MeitY

Updated: Sep 14, 2023 04:23:22pm

Centre To Develop Import Management System For IT Hardware: MoS MeitY

New Delhi, Sept 14 (KNN) India is working on an import management system to allow the import of laptops, servers and other IT hardware products from trusted jurisdictions, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of electronics and IT, said.

Imports from non-trusted jurisdictions will be limited to a certain number of units, reported Mint.


The framework, expected to be put in place this month, aims to exit the ‘non-sustainable’ model of relying on imports, the minister told Mint in an interview.

IT hardware—the broader server and laptop market—is increasingly powering the growth of digitization of our economy, Internet and cloud in India. Currently, it is extraordinarily dependent on supply chains that are import-intensive, and within that, it is extraordinarily dependent on one geography.

That is not a sustainable model for the Indian government. So, we’ve said two changes we need to see to the broader supply chain; there has to be a larger domestic component of it, and if there is an import component, it has to be from a trusted source.

We want to build trust into the DNA of all policymaking of the underlying internet, and the digital ecosystem that sits on it. We don’t want to face the problems that countries in the West are today facing, having invested in equipment from certain countries and now to pull back, the minister said in the interview.  (KNN Bureau)


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