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India Launches National Green Hydrogen Mission

Updated: Feb 23, 2024 03:42:27pm

India Launches National Green Hydrogen Mission

New Delhi, Feb 23 (KNN) The Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy, R. K. Singh, spearheaded a significant meeting in New Delhi on Thursday, marking the commencement of the Green Hydrogen R&D Scheme by the Indian Government.

The initiative aims to foster research and development in the realm of green hydrogen, inviting collaboration from various sectors including government bodies, academia, and industry stakeholders.

Minister Singh emphasised the necessity of directing research efforts towards identifying primary research areas and supporting institutions to advance technologies related to green hydrogen production.

Stressing the importance of collaboration, Minister Singh urged institutions with diverse expertise to join forces and work towards common objectives in the green hydrogen domain.

The Minister highlighted the significance of improving the efficiency of electrolysers to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production.

He also advocated for exploring cost-effective alternatives for production and transportation.

Minister Singh informed attendees about ongoing efforts in modifying Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to run on hydrogen derivatives.

Additionally, sea-water electrolysis emerged as a promising avenue for cost reduction and scalability.

Furthermore, the Minister proposed the formation of consortiums to facilitate collaborative research across various segments of the green hydrogen value chain.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy presented over 40 problem statements categorised under production, storage & transport, applications, and safety, cross-cutting analysis & integration, for consideration under the mission.

The R&D projects under the National Green Hydrogen Mission encompass Mission Mode projects (0 – 5 years), Grand Challenge projects (0 – 8 years), and Blue Sky projects (0 – 15 years).

Additionally, Centres of Excellence will be identified and supported under the mission, with an initial focus on Mission Mode projects.

The launch of the National Green Hydrogen Mission signals India's commitment to sustainable energy solutions and technological advancement in the green hydrogen sector.

With a collaborative approach and focused research efforts, the mission aims to address key challenges and unlock the potential of green hydrogen as a clean energy source for the future.

(KNN Bureau)


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