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Govt To Introduce Quality Standards For Construction Safety Textiles

Updated: May 22, 2024 02:03:28pm

Govt To Introduce Quality Standards For Construction Safety Textiles

New Delhi, May 22 (KNN) The Indian government is planning to mandate stringent quality control standards for 11 key textile product categories used in the construction sector, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

The proposed Quality Control Orders (QCOs) aim to elevate safety benchmarks for protective clothing, scaffolding nets, ropes, tarpaulins and related goods employed by workers and professionals on building sites, reported Mint.

This regulatory move forms part of broader governmental efforts to curb the influx of inexpensive and potentially substandard imports, particularly from China.

Authorities view enhancing quality control measures as crucial for bolstering India's competitiveness in global manufacturing supply chains. Implementation of these textile QCOs is expected to significantly reduce occupational hazards and accidents afflicting construction labourers.

"The primary objective is providing quality assured products to safeguard construction workers and prevent mishaps at work sites," stated one source, who added the orders will discourage the sale of inferior imported goods failing to meet prescribed standards.

Post notification, all covered textile manufacturers must obtain certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), with penalties for non-compliance.

A second source highlighted that technical textiles like safety netting and lifting gear necessitate stringent performance specifications related to load-bearing capacity and durability to ensure proper functioning.

The QCOs, enforced by the BIS under the Consumer Affairs Ministry's purview, are anticipated to be formally notified soon.

However, advocacy groups for construction labour welfare remain skeptical about enhancing site safety solely through product regulations.

The National Campaign Committee for Construction Labour demands reinstatement of comprehensive safeguards previously mandated under the now-repealed Building and Other Construction Workers Act of 1996.

Coordinator Subhash Bhatnagar stated any new quality orders should complement a restored overarching legal framework dedicated to protecting construction workers' rights and welfare.

With India ranking among the world's leading textile and apparel exporters, valued at an estimated USD 65 billion annually by 2026, the proposed QCOs hold significance for both domestic industrial safety and the sector's global competitiveness.

Once notified, all manufacturers, importers and sellers of covered goods must obtain BIS certification, with violations potentially attracting criminal penalties.

(KNN Bureau)


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