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25/10/2019 01:29pm

Green Crackers are costly and there is no demand, claim sellers

image Green Crackers are costly and there is no demand, claim sellers

New Delhi, Oct 25 (KNN) The 'Green Crackers' which was launched by the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on October 5th to get rid of air pollution, failed to impress the buyers as it hurts the pockets more and the buyers seem disinterested in cracker Diwali this year.

The sellers are facing difficulties to sell these green crackers because of lack of varieties as compared conventional ones and heavy costs.

The sellers further claimed that the people are still preferring the old ones instead of the green crackers.

KNN India explored Dariba Kalan market near Chadani Chowk and spoke to some of the sellers to take stock of the situation.

While speaking to KNN India, most of the sellers seems anguished and express disagreement over the decision to ban conventional crackers.

''People are not satisfied with the green crackers instead they are asking for conventional crackers. Because green crackers doesn't have any varieties as compared to conventional ones. There are no rocket and other bombs in present in the green crackers, it's only have 'phuljhari' and 'Aanar' so people are not liking it,'' told a seller to KNN India.

''Before coming out with this decision to ban green crackers government should have given sometime to us to sell out our previous year stock. If you see, you will not find any people here in the market and the other thing is that we don't have crackers to sell and besides this green crackers doesn't have any variety,'' he added.

While talking to another seller regarding the sale in the market, he said,'' Earlier, we had a decent sale compared to this year. There are some factors due which the crackers sale is declining this Diwali, and one of the main reason is that green crackers doesn't have any varieties. People come to us and ask for Rocket, Chakkri, Sky shots, Lari to which we say no to them and customer leaves. They are only 20 to 25 per cent sale.''

''In green crackers we have only two items, which we show it to them, but they often deny to buy it. There has been also been changes in the prices. Unfortunately, after the introduction of Green Crackers the cost have increased,'' he asserted.

''An ordinary men can't spend much amount for the crackers,'' said another seller adding that there is no sale and can't understand what government is thinking of.''

Notably, the apex court in October last year had ruled that only green crackers with reduced emission would be permitted to be manufactured and sold across the country forcing the  fireworks manufacturing units go for an indefinite strike last year demanding the lifting of the restrictions on bursting of crackers.



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