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India's Cold Chain Sector Poised for Robust Growth & Innovation: DPIIT

Updated: May 30, 2024 03:42:24pm

India's Cold Chain Sector Poised for Robust Growth & Innovation: DPIIT

New Delhi, May 30 (KNN) India's cold chain sector is experiencing a surge in growth and technological advancements, according to senior government officials.

Speaking at the FICCI Cold Chain and Logistics Summit, Dr. Surendra Ahirwar, Joint Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), highlighted the sector's burgeoning potential.

With a current turnover of approximately Rs 2 lakh crore, the cold chain industry is expanding rapidly at an annual rate exceeding 10 per cent.

Projections indicate the sector could reach a staggering Rs 5 lakh crore valuation by 2030 or 2032, fuelled by innovations, infrastructure development, and synergies between industry and academia.

Pivotal advancements cited by Dr. Ahirwar include temperature-controlled warehousing, cutting-edge ice battery technology, and efficient packaging solutions.

The government's role in nurturing an enabling environment was underscored, with initiatives like the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan accelerating infrastructure development, including temperature-controlled warehouses.

Furthermore, the comprehensive National Logistics Policy, launched in 2022, addresses various aspects of the logistics sector, encompassing the cold chain.

Asheesh Fotedar, Chief Operating Officer, National Centre for Cold-Chain Development (NCCD) under the Ministry of Agriculture, elaborated on NCCD's efforts to fortify India's cold chain infrastructure.

These initiatives prioritise sustainability, efficiency, and innovation through the revision of technical standards and minimum guidelines for implementing cold chain components nationwide.

Additionally, NCCD is developing a mobile application to digitalise data related to cold chain components, aiming to enhance capacity utilisation, reduce fuel costs, and minimise the carbon footprint.

The app will capture relevant logistics data, aiding policy formulation and analytics.

Amit Kumar, Committee Co-Chairman, FICCI Committee on Logistics and Director of Pristine Logistics and Infraprojects, emphasised the importance of developing sustainable infrastructure and embracing smart technologies to optimise energy usage and mitigate environmental impact.

(KNN Bureau)


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