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Cotton Ginners Get Interim Relief As Govt Defers QCO By 3 Months

Updated: Aug 10, 2023 01:31:00pm

Cotton Ginners Get Interim Relief As Govt Defers QCO By 3 Months

New Delhi, Aug 10 (KNN) The central government has postponed the implementation of the Cotton Bales (quality control) Order, 2023 by three months.

The order will be implemented from November 27, instead of August 28, a gazette order issued by the Ministry of Textiles late on Tuesday night said.


Cotton ginners all across India majorly in the MSME category, have welcomed the extension.

This was decided after a request was heard from textile organisation and trade associations during a meeting last weekend.

The order, better known as cotton QCO (quality control order) was notified by the Union Textiles Ministry on February 28 and was meant to come into force 180 days after its publication in the gazette. It applies to processed cotton (ginned) and unprocessed or raw cotton (kapas).

The order prescribes norms for bales of ginned cotton as well as requirements for the materials used in the packing of bales.

The QCO specifies 8% moisture content for cotton bales, mandates ginning mills to test at least 5% of the bales, and restricts trash content in the bales below 3%.

The QCO will apply to imported cotton too.  (KNN Bureau)


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