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Ludhiana's Textile Industry Seeks Revival Through Technical Textiles

Updated: Feb 05, 2024 02:38:45pm

Ludhiana's Textile Industry Seeks Revival Through Technical Textiles

Ludhiana, Feb 5 (KNN) Ludhiana's textile industry is actively pursuing a revival strategy by focusing on the potential of technical textiles, according to entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

They see the transformation from the conventional sector to technical textiles as a key solution for the industry's challenges in Punjab, presenting significant opportunities, reported TOI.

During a two-day conference in Ludhiana, experts highlighted the local industry's immense potential to contribute to the rapidly advancing technical textile sector. Stakeholders and experts expressed confidence in the existing infrastructure and local skilled workforce, positioning them as competent to facilitate the transition into the technical textile sector.

Despite this optimism, they acknowledged challenges related to raw materials. Technical textiles, characterised by engineered products with specific functionalities beyond basic clothing needs, are seen as the pathway to rejuvenate the textile sector.

PJ Singh, Chairperson, Punjab Chapter of CII, noted India's emergence as a key player in the dynamic field of technical textiles.

“The technical textile market size is projected to reach a staggering USD 309 billion in 2047. Though a few big players are manufacturing the raw material, a majority of the industry is dependent on its import,” Singh added.

Vinod Thapar, President, Knitwear and Textile Club, shared optimism after government representatives at the conference pledged support.

Chirnajiv Singh, General Secretary of the club, emphasised the growing demand for technical textiles and the industry's willingness to make the shift.

(KNN Bureau)


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