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Parliamentary Committee Urges Comprehensive National Textile Policy For Global Competitiveness

Updated: Feb 09, 2024 03:21:07pm

Parliamentary Committee Urges Comprehensive National Textile Policy For Global Competitiveness

New Delhi, Feb 9 (KNN) A Parliamentary Committee has stressed that there is a need for a comprehensive National Textile Policy aimed at enhancing the global competitiveness of India's textile industry.

The committee has urged the Ministry of Textiles to devise an all-encompassing strategy, recognising the crucial importance of aligning proactive and industry-centric State Textile Policies with a unified National Textile strategy.

This integrated approach seeks to position the Indian textile sector competitively on the global stage by merging industry-specific elements of state textile policies with globally recognised best practices.

Emphasising the urgency of revitalising the nation's ailing textile plants, the committee has recommended prompt resolution mechanisms.

It proposes the creation and dissemination of an action plan, tailored to address the challenges faced by each distressed textile unit in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the committee underscores the necessity for swift resolution of land-related disputes by both the Centre and State Governments, suggesting the involvement of legal professionals to resolve conflicts through Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms.

The proposals put forth by the Parliamentary Committee aim to bolster the international competitiveness of India's textile industry while alleviating the challenges confronting ailing textile units.

The overarching objectives include fostering growth in the nation's textile sector and contributing to overall economic advancement by crafting a robust National Textile Policy, expediting the revival of distressed textile units, and exploring avenues for private sector investment.

These recommendations were outlined in the committee's report on Estimates 2023-24 on ‘Empowerment Through PM Mega Integrated Textile Region and Apparel PM MITRA Parks Scheme, and Revival Efforts For Sick Textile Units/PSUs Pertaining’ to Ministry of Textiles.

(KNN Bureau)


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