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Surat textile bodies seek removal of QCO for BIS certification on polyester yarn

Updated: Jun 30, 2023 01:43:17pm

Surat textile bodies seek removal of QCO for BIS certification on polyester yarn

Surat, June 30 (KNN) The Federation of Indian Art Silk Weaving Industry (FIASWI) along with other associations have urged the government to remove Quality Control Orders (QCO) for Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) certification on various Polyester Yarn.

The industry bodies have called for the removal of these orders, which are scheduled to take effect on July 3, 2023.


In a letter addressed to Rachna Shah, the Textile Secretary of the Government of India, and J K Gupta, Head Specifications (Textiles) at BIS, FIASWI has highlighted the need to rectify impractical provisions in the current guidelines.

Polyester yarn is primarily an industrial raw material, and buyers and customers are already well-informed about their specific requirements for the quality of yarn needed to manufacture fabric, said FIASWI.

The association has pointed out that the BIS certification scheme, which is voluntary in nature, should not be subjected to mandatory certification guidelines.

Bharat Gandhi, Chairman of FIASWI, has argued that the technical requirement for yarn under BIS certification is totally against main

object of BIS to provide third party assurance of Quality and Reliability of products to user Industry.

Also there should be a provision to compensate losses to user industry due to supply of inferior quality of yarn supplied, he said.

FIASWI has warned that implementation of the QCO will create heavy shortage of Polyester yarn to user industry which will lead to closure of few small weaving / knitting units, unemployment, profiteering by few suppliers having BIS certification.  (KNN Bureau)


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