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20/03/2019 10:54am

Trade associations all over the country burn Holi of Chinese goods

image Trade associations all over the country burn Holi of Chinese goods

New Delhi, Mar 20 (KNN) Trade associations all over the country have put fire to Chinese goods at more than 1500 places including in Delhi, according to a release by Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).

The release said, “In the wake of China using veto in UN Security Council against declaration of Masood Azhar as global terrorist and continuously helping Pakistan in all forms, CAIT while depicting the resentment of the countrymen against attitude of China gave a call on burning of Holi of Chinese goods.”

CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal while expressing strong objections for China said that traders are Chowkidar of Indian economy and as such henceforth the trade from China will not be flourished any more.
He said that whoever stands against national security of India, the traders will boycott goods of such Country.
On the call of CAIT, traders across Country today gave a strong message to China by burning Chinese goods on a day ahead of Holi festival.

 In Delhi, the event was held at Sadar Bazar, the hub of Chinese goods. Thousands of traders from all parts of the city participated in the demonstration.

They made small hill of Chinese goods and put them to fire. The demonstrators while shouting slogans warned China to stop helping Pakistan in conducting terror activities in India otherwise Indian traders will dislodge China from India which is largest market for China.

The demonstrators were holding placards in their hands urging people to boycott Chinese goods and warning both China and Pakistan to break their nexus against India.

National Presidentof CAIT, B.C.Bhartia while strongly condemning China said that Indian traders are grossly annoyed with China who is waging a backdoor war against interests of India by helping Pakistan in all kinds. They demanded the Government to levy restrictions on trade with China.

Both Bhartia and Khandelwal said that largely items being imported from China includes Toys, electronics, mobiles, FMCG products, Hardware goods, electrical items, festival material etc, which do not involve Andy much technology. Since the Chinese goods are cheaper for many reasons, the consumers generally buy them without caring the quality.

Since our SMEs are capable enough to produce these goods with good quality and at affordable prices, the Government should encourage small Industries and give them a special package so that our people can compete with China.

Both trade leaders demanded that in order to minimize the imports from China, the Government should immediately impose a custom duty ranging from 300% to 500% on imports from China whereas on the other hand strict investigation should be conducted at Indian ports on each import from China as goods being import from China are highly undervalued.

They suggested that the Government should confiscate such material and put to auction at more than 50% of the declared price. The Government will come to know a big theft in custom duty and IGST and as such can yield substantial revenue.

 Bhartia and Khandelwal said that the CAIT is launching a national campaign for boycott of Chinese goods during which the traders will be educated as to how their money for purchasing Chinese goods is being used against interests of the Country and will urge them to boycott purchasing or selling Chinese goods.

On the other hand similar campaign will also be conducted among consumers urging them to stop purchasing Chinese goods in larger interest of the Country. They said that crores of traders across Country will be aligned with this campaign and efforts will be made to put economic pressure on China.

The CAIT will join hands with national organisations of farmers, transporters, small industries, consumers, hawkers, self help entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs etc.


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