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Uttar Pradesh Aims To Become Solar Energy Hub of India, Says UPNEDA

Updated: Jan 04, 2024 03:40:01pm

Uttar Pradesh Aims To Become Solar Energy Hub of India, Says UPNEDA

Uttar Pradesh, Jan 4 (KNN) The state of Uttar Pradesh is advancing multiple solar and clean energy projects, collectively valued at INR 1 lakh crore ($12 billion). With an ambitious goal to meet 40% of its energy needs from solar and alternative sources, approximately 125 projects are in the pipeline, featuring an estimated investment outlay of INR 1 lakh crore.

Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) announced the initiation of four significant solar projects, totaling INR 35,000 crore, in various districts of Bundelkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

According to Anupam Shukla (IAS), Director of UPNEDA, the state attracted investment proposals of INR 40 lakh crore during the Global Investor Summit (GIS) in 2023, with solar power and clean energy projects under the 'Akshay Urja' Scheme contributing substantially.

Currently generating 2,152 MW of solar energy, with 372 MW in open access, Uttar Pradesh, particularly the Bundelkhand region, accounts for nearly 60% of the state's total solar energy output.

Shukla highlighted the surge in solar energy generation, which rose from close to 279 MW in 2017 to the current level, attributing the growth to incentives, rebates, concessions, and promotions under the state government's Solar Policy.

The upcoming investment pipeline includes diverse projects such as an off-stream close-loop pump storage project in Sonbhadra, a floating solar plant on Matatila Dam, a 1.2 GW solar power park in Jalaun, and off-stream closed-loop pump storage projects in Prayagraj and Meerganj.

Furthermore, the government plans a 50 MW floating solar plant in Bhakhira Bird Sanctuary, focusing on solar energization for over 1,994 cold storages with a total capacity of 1.65 crore metric tonnes.

NTPC is implementing a 40 MW solar power plant in Ayodhya under the Solar City program, with the project set to be operational by March 2024.

(KNN Bureau)


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