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Goa govt bans single use plastic in its offices from Oct 2, 2019

Updated: Sep 28, 2019 05:48:57am

Goa govt bans single use plastic in its offices from Oct 2, 2019

Panaji, Sep 28 (KNN) The Goa government has banned single-use plastic in its offices from October 2, 2019.

In a circular issued, Under Secretary of the general administration department, Shripad Arlekar said, "The Government of Goa has decided to ban the usage of single-use plastic water bottles, glasses, plates, etc. in the government offices, canteens, meetings and functions from October 2, 2019 onwards."

The circular issued has asked all government officers to ensure that the use of plastic water bottles, glasses, plates shall be discontinued and instead items which are eco-friendly and reusable to provide water and other items in the offices, meetings functions are to be used.

The ban covers government offices, meetings and functions including canteens located in the government offices.

Earlier in August, the Goa Legislative Assembly passed a bill to ban the manufacture, import, store, transport or sell plastic carry bags and single use items. The bill also specified fines and penalties for those who violate the ban.



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