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07/08/2018 03:05pm

Karnataka setting up 5 technology hubs for innovations by startup

image Karnataka setting up 5 technology hubs for innovations by startup

New Delhi, Aug 7 (KNN) To boost technology based startups, Karnataka government is setting up 5 technology hubs across the state for innovations by start-ups in the product space for domestic and export markets, said IT Minister K.J. George, Karnataka.

He said the first K-Tech hub was opened at Belagavi in the northwest region last week and the second hub in Bengaluru on Monday.

Three more hubs are being set up at Mangaluru, Mysuru and Shivamogga, he added.

"Of the five hubs, four are being located in tier-2 cities across the state to leverage the manufacturing clusters around them and hire local talent from colleges and institutions in the respective regions," said George.

Designed as a shared prototyping facility with co-working, the hubs offer office space and amenities to incubate ideas and innovate products.

The hubs will create an IT enabled ecosystem for startups and will also attract investments from local entrepreneurs for job creation and all-round development.

These hubs will also engage with stakeholders in the region, attract talent and promote entrepreneurship for more start-ups, George added.

The tech hubs will house a knowledge park, a science park and an incubation centre with common instrumentation facility for program management in a network mode, linked to its hardware product incubator in Bengaluru.

Besides, George said “with disruptive technologies creating opportunities, the hubs will help our state in retaining leadership position in the country.”

The innovation hubs will enable tech-based start-ups to access research and development centers and prototyping labs, skilled staff and access to raw materials for manufacturing products.


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