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Karnataka govt forms committee to consider industry tag for Jaggery sector

Updated: Jan 02, 2023 07:58:56am

Karnataka govt forms committee to consider industry tag for Jaggery sector

Bengaluru, Jan 2 (KNN) In order to prevent jaggery adulteration, the Karnataka government has formed a committee to decide whether the sector should be designated as an "industry," according to a report in the Times of India.

As per the sources, unlike sugar factories, jaggery units are not categorised as falling under an industry.


"While factories have large-scale machinery, jaggery units are operated using traditional methods, without a machine. Because of this, we did not consider this as an industry and there was no support extended to jaggery units under the newly formed Industrial Policy 2020-25," a senior official said.

The Karnataka government has been receiving requests to consider providing the sector with the industry tag, helping farmers receive various benefits from the state and central governments.

"In the past few years, jaggery consumption has risen steadily because of various health benefits. Renewed branding and adoption of technology in the manufacturing process have given it the required push. The manufacturers have also been demanding recognition as an agro-industry," commerce and industries minister Murugesh M Nirani told TOI.

He clarified that the immediate task before the government is to obtain FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) certification to promote the manufacture of quality jaggery and jaggery products in a scientific way by setting up machinery.

"Subsequently, the government will think about introducing rebates and facilities for the manufacturing units,” he said.

The move by the state government to support the industry will especially benefit jaggery manufacturers of Mandya which has the highest number of units.

Somashankare Gowda, president of the Jaggery Manufacturers' Association of Mandya, said the decision will help revive a sector on the verge of extinction. "Until a few years ago, Mandya alone had more than 6,000 jaggery units. But today there are about 1,500 units. Each unit is capable of employing 30-40 people.”

Gowda pointed out that at one time, we were selling 4,000 to 5,000 tonnes of jaggery a day, but it has now fallen to 500 to 600 tonnes. Now we are only catering to selected markets where the demand is steadily gaining.

Due to the rising awareness about the healthy lifestyle, Jaggery as a product is gaining widespread popularity.  (KNN Bureau)


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