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05/04/2023 05:12pm

KASSIA urges political parties to prioritize MSMEs and infrastructure development over freebies in elections

image KASSIA urges political parties to prioritize MSMEs and infrastructure development over freebies in elections

Bengaluru, Apr 5 (KNN) KASSIA, the Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association, has taken a strong stance against the growing trend of political parties promising freebies to voters in exchange for their support.

K.N. Narasimhamurthy, President of KASSIA, emphasized that such promises come at a significant cost to taxpayers and urged political parties to instead focus on the development of infrastructure and industries, particularly micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


The President also drew attention to the poor state of infrastructure in existing industrial estates, with inadequate basic facilities and narrow approach roads hindering the smooth operation of large goods vehicles. 

Narasimhamurthy highlighted the demand-supply mismatch for industrial estates, with less than 9 per cent of entrepreneurs currently operating in government-established industrial estates developed by Karnataka State Small Industries Development Corporation (KSSIDC) and the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB). 

He urged political parties to prioritize the creation of more industrial estates at the district level, which would benefit MSMEs and the common citizen. He emphasized the need for political parties to focus on building infrastructure and creating jobs, rather than squandering public funds on freebies that could make people lazy and dependent.

KASSIA called on taxpayers to pressure authorities like the Election Commission to put an end to the freebie culture, which has the potential to mislead the public and be disastrous for the country in the long run. The association also urged political parties to prioritize revenue generation by creating a conducive atmosphere for industry, rather than simply raising taxes.

In conclusion, KASSIA emphasized that the development of MSMEs and infrastructure was of utmost concern to taxpayers, and called on political parties to reflect these ground-level demands in their manifestos. By prioritizing these critical areas, parties could not only benefit the people and the economy but also promote long-term sustainable growth.  (KNN Bureau)


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