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Maharashtra govt issues SOP for export of sanitizers, masks, paracetamol and more

Updated: May 11, 2020 06:51:04am

Maharashtra govt issues SOP for export of sanitizers, masks, paracetamol and more

New Delhi, May 11 (KNN) Maharashtra Government has issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for export of sanitizers, masks, paracetamol, hydroxychloroquine etc which were earlier allowed for export by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) on the request of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

As per the SOP, the JNCH is directed to maintain a separate register of Exemption Certificates issued by the DGFT to the exporters of prohibited goods.

“Exporters allowed to export against such Exemption Certificates shall make a request for issuance of NOC from SIIB (X), JNCH at sibx@jnchagov.in using their entity-based email addresses. The exporter shall provide CFS details and attach scanned copies of Check List/Shipping Bill,” the circular said.

“For every Shipping Bill, a unique number would be assigned by SIIB(X), JNCH. SIIB(X), JNCH shall debit the Value/Quantity to be exported from the Balance Value/Quantity for the said Exemption Certificate as per the records maintained in the section. Thereafter the request of the exporter shall be presented before the Additional Commissioner of Customs, SIIB(X) for NOC Once approved, a scanned copy of the NOC shall be sent over an email to the AC/DC of the concerned CFS and copy to the exporter,” the SOP clarified.

“The above NOC of SIIB(X) shall be presented to the concerned officer at the time of registration of Shipping Bill along with the Exemption Certificate. The concerned Officer at Docks will ensure that the Exemption Certificate is uploaded one-Sanchit for the respective Shipping Bill. The concerned officer would issue LEO to the shipping bill only on verification of NOC and would specifically mention in the comments column/examination report regarding having seen the same along with the unique number mentioned in the NOC of SIIB(X),” the circular said.


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