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Maharashtra Govt Announces Pension For Nashik Loom Workers

Updated: Feb 12, 2024 01:23:32pm

Maharashtra Govt Announces Pension For Nashik Loom Workers

Mumbai, Feb 12 (KNN) The Maharashtra Government has declared pensions for loom workers in Nashik following discussions with loom owners in Malegaon and Yeola during a recent tour by Textile Minister Chandrakant Patil.

Patil confirmed that the majority of the loom owners' demands have been met, with pensions being a significant provision.

Furthermore, the State Government is formulating an Integrated and Sustainable Textiles Policy for the years 2023–2028.

This policy is set to introduce several innovative initiatives aimed at strengthening the textile weaving industry, the second-largest employer in the region after agriculture.

Patil stated, “The weavers’ committee led by district Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse presented the demands of the loom owners."

"While most of the demands have been agreed upon, the Government is considering the primary demand to increase the power subsidy for power looms by Rs. 0.75 per unit. The decision will be announced soon," he further mentioned.

Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse expressed appreciation to Chandrakant Patil for his visit and assured that the report prepared during the discussions would be presented to the Government within a week.

Patil also emphasised initiatives to support handloom weavers, including providing festival scheme benefits multiple times a year and introducing a monthly pension scheme for weavers above the age of 60.

(KNN Bureau)


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