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Odisha Skill Development Authority Unveils Coffee Table Book At Global Summit

Updated: Feb 23, 2024 03:30:07pm

Odisha Skill Development Authority Unveils Coffee Table Book At Global Summit

Odisha, Feb 23 (KNN) During the prestigious NUA Odisha Global Summit on Growth & Employment 2024, the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA) unveiled their latest initiative, a captivating Coffee Table Book titled 'Microeconomics, Macro Impact'.

Graced by distinguished personalities including Smt. Alka Misra, Chairperson of OSDA, Smt. Usha Padhee IAS, Principal Secretary of Skill Development & Technical Education Department, Government of Odisha, and Smt. Sujata R. Karthikeyan, IAS, from the Department of Mission Shakti, Government of Odisha, the launch ceremony marked a significant milestone.

'Microeconomics, Macro Impact' serves as a conduit to the inspiring narratives of nano entrepreneurs who have thrived under the supportive umbrella of the Swakalpa program.

The book elegantly portrays the resilience and determination of these individuals, underscoring their pivotal role in creating micro-economies with a far-reaching impact.

During the book launch, Smt. Alka Misra shared insights into OSDA's visionary mission to position Odisha as a global talent hub, with Swakalpa standing as a cornerstone initiative.

She reiterated the program's dedication to empowering nano enterprises through tailored training and mentorship, thereby fostering self-sustainable brands integral to Odisha's thriving business ecosystem.

Swakalpa, a collaborative effort between OSDA, World Skill Center, Asian Development Bank, and Palladium India, aims to equip ambitious youth with entrepreneurship skills.

With a target of establishing 1,000 micro-businesses, including 25 per cent women representation, Swakalpa offers comprehensive training and personalised mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sandeep Lanjewar, Director of Palladium India, expressed profound sentiments regarding the stories featured in the Coffee Table Book, highlighting the transformative impact of mentorship and entrepreneurial mindset.

The narratives not only celebrate economic achievements but also underscore their profound societal contributions.

A significant focus of the book is on the remarkable journeys of women entrepreneurs, showcasing their diversity and entrepreneurial acumen across various sectors.

These stories exemplify how women are not only driving economic growth but also catalysing social change within their communities.

With a presence in 26 districts and over 8,500 candidates enrolled, Swakalpa has achieved remarkable success, with 72 per cent women representation.

The program has actively mentored over 750 individuals and facilitated the establishment of over 200 businesses, spanning diverse sectors.

Amit Patjoshi, CEO of Palladium India, commended OSDA and team Palladium on the book launch, emphasising Swakalpa's commitment to inclusive growth.

By providing essential support and opportunities, the program aims to cultivate holistic socio-economic development at the grassroots level.

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