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Madurai MSME Body Raises Alarm Over Inadequate Industrial Space In Proposed Master Plan

Updated: Mar 26, 2024 12:57:57pm

Madurai MSME Body Raises Alarm Over Inadequate Industrial Space In Proposed Master Plan

Madurai, Mar 26 (KNN) The Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association (MADITSSIA) has expressed concern over the inadequate allocation of land for industrial purposes in the draft master plan released by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Members fear that if implemented without revisions, the proposed land classification could severely hamper the growth of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in Madurai district over the next two decades.

Addressing reporters on Monday, MADITSSIA representatives highlighted the draft plan's meagre allocation of only 1,304 new survey numbers in 70 villages for industrial use, a figure they deem grossly insufficient for the sector's expansion needs.

“We have consistently demanded a 14 per cent allocation of land for industrial purposes, but the draft master plan has allocated a mere 4 per cent, which is unacceptable,” lamented Rm Lakshminarayan, MADITSSIA's president.

“Without adequate land allocation, the growth prospects of Madurai's MSME sector will be severely hindered,” he added.

The association also raised concerns over the reclassification of numerous existing industrial survey numbers across 85 villages in the Madurai local planning area.

Alarmingly, 1,526 existing industrial survey numbers have been designated as residential or commercial zones, while an additional 222 existing industrial survey numbers in 17 villages have been entirely removed from industrial classification.

Lakshminarayan underscored the potential ramifications of classifying areas adjacent to industrial zones as residential, citing the risk of pollution complaints from residents that could impede industrial operations in the long run.

Furthermore, MADITSSIA members expressed disappointment over the draft master plan's failure to align with the state government's 2015 announcement of the Tuticorin-Madurai industrial corridor, a crucial initiative for boosting industrial development in the region.

(KNN Bureau)


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